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Welcome to Gaming Warrior's web site.

10/19/09 update-
Well with patch 1.3.2 we have a much better game on our hands, so recruiting has started again and hopefully we will see more people join
Iron Rock.   =)

Da Biggest

7/28/09 update-

Warhammeronline has dropped the ball big time and it was an uphill battle to keep some control of our guild. Until further notice, all non founding members have been removed from the guild. We can only hope that Mythic will make the game fun again.

Da Biggest

3/8/09 update-

Well, we dropped our alliance due to inactive guilds, (new alliance soon) and purged many inactive players (over 100) but it is whats best for the guild. Details in the member's forums.

Da Biggest

2/03/09 update-

Champions of Tzeentch is expanding! We added another guild to our Can 'O Whoop ass force. The new guilds name is Vex. As before, please welcome them and offer them the same courtesies that you do for our own guild members.

Da Biggest

1/29/09 update-

WOOT! Guild level 10 and getting ready to design our herald. Please check out our member forum for voting details.

Thanks and great work everyone,
Da Biggest

1/27/09 update-

Gaming Warriors has allied itself with the guild Blazed. The new alliance name is Champions of Tzeentch. We both hope that this is the start of a very powerful alliance. So please welcome them and offer them the same courtesies that you do for our own guild members. DEATH TO ORDER!!!

Da Biggest

1/23/09 update-
We have hit 200 members (150ish without alts) and still growing. As soon as everyone starts to get comfortable, we can set up runs. (outside of in-game LFG) So if you are thinking about joining an active guild, please let us know in the forums.

Da Biggest

1/11/09 update-
This web site's address is finally fowarded to Guild portal, so the invites have gone out to all in-game members. Please sign up ASAP to take advantage of the calendar and grouping options. Please jump on Vent when possible, the crickets are annoying me.

Da Biggest

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